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Selecting The Right Age Bracket

Age Bracket

What Does My Child Need To Participate?

What is needed
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Rules For Each Division

Equipment Required:

U6 to U8 Size 3 Soccer Ball

U10 to U12 -Size 4 Soccer Ball

U13 to U15  - Size 5 Soccer Ball

Soccer Cleats (no front toe cleat)

Shin Guards

Blue or Black Socks that go over the shin guards

Water Bottle (games / practices)


Uniform included for U6/U8/U10/Rec U12

Uniforms will need to be purchased for OHSTL Teams


General Game Rules:

As always, the referee’s decision is final. Almost all of our refs are kids who came through (or are still in) the MJSA Soccer program. Please treat them with respect and encourage the kids to do the same. After the game the kids should be encouraged to shake hands with the other team and the refs. They will make mistakes, just like we will make mistakes in coaching.

Parents MUST sit opposite of the benches and at least 10 feet from field.

General Rules for MJSA U6:

-4 vs. 4
-No Goalie
-Coaches are permitted to be on the field and coaches will ref these games.
-Try to keep play continuous, so balls that go out of bounds should be thrown back in quickly by a player. Players may have a second attempt at a throw-in so that proper technique may be taught from an early age.
-No goal kicks or corner kicks. A ball kicked out of the end line by the defense will result in a sideline (near the corner) throw-in by the offensive team.
-25-30 minute practice, followed by 25 minute game. No half time.
-No heading. Incidental heading will not be an infraction. Intention heading will be treated like a hand ball, i.e. Free kick to the other team.
-Handball will result in a Free Kick at the spot of the violation. No Penalty Kicks.
-After a goal, reset the game at midfield.

General Rules for Tri County U8:











General Rules for Tri County U10:


General Rules for Tri County U12:

OHTSL Rules and info can be found on their website:

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Directions & Field Info

Lawrence Township Park (Home Fields)

Get Involved

We can use your help!

MJSA is completely volunteer operated.  We are always in need of more help.  From coaching, to field equipment management, to setting up/painting fields, to scheduling refs, to office duties... there is a spot for you! Contact us at

We would really appreciate it!

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